Atarim not working correctly on a WP Engine Server

There are problems that you might face if you use Atarim on a WP Engine Server.

The solution to this problem is really simple though!


Make sure your website is accessible on the https version, if not then please do not proceed further with the steps below!

To check if your website is accessible on the https version simply visit where “” is the URL of your website.

If the website works fine on the https version then you can proceed to the given steps:-

  1. Log in to your WordPress admin dashboard.
  2. Click on General tab under the Settings as shown in the screenshot:-Screenshot 3
  3.  Change WordPress Address & Site Address (Url) from http to httpsScreenshot 4
  4. That’s it

If this solution doesn’t work, please get in contact with our support team and we’ll get you sorted, find out how here!

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