Train your clients using a custom training video

As we’re expanding the solution we’re adding more and more customisation options so that you can adpot the tool to your own workflow.

Since I personally did (and still doing) extensive research on the nature of communications, UI and UX for non savvy users and the art of getting users to adopt new tools, so that you and your clients will have the least amount of pushback possible, simply by being a great product that everyone wants to use, we will be creating some more resources for you all understand the deeper philosophy behind some of the decisions we are making.

One of the most poweful ways to train a client, is by simply showing them what to do via a short video.

So now, you can create your own video and embed it, to replace our own initial training video.

You can embed the video from any service, being YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia or any other solution you may choose.

Just please keep in mind, that this is the first experience your clients will have with their new website or at least with our feedback tool.

So make sure you keep it simple – short and sweet is the best approach to showcase just the very basic functions of how to give you feedback or request support. The tool is designed for self-discovery so you just want to give them a nice bump in the right direction and they should be taking it from there.

wpf settings

The new embed field was added to the Settings screen, under the White Label area and will be visible on 2 places:

  • The Frontend Wizard – Just before they dive in and start commenting.
  • The Tasks Center – If there are no tasks found yet.

Once you add your own code, it will replace our own default video, so you’re always covered, even if you don’t have your own custom video yet.


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