Issues with Caching Plugins

In certain scenarios, the caching plugin on your website may create certain issues in the working of WP Feedback. That is because the Caching plugin tends to cache CSS, JS, or entire HTML based on the level of the caching. It can also be an Object-level caching if you are using the Object caching settings on your website server. In case if you facing any issues with the website (with caching) you can follow the below-mentioned instructions for troubleshooting as well as solution. We will provide you general instructions so it would be easier for you.

1) CSS, JS or HTML

The caching plugin which uses the caching of the files will be minifying the files in order to optimize the experience. It generally minifies the CSS and JS files. We would suggest that you exclude the Atarim’s CSS and JS files in order to rectify the issues related to the caching plugins. All the plugins will have the settings page from where you will be able to Exclude the files so that they do not minify. We already have the auto-detection and compatibility for:

  • WP Rocket
  • WP Fastest Cache
  • Fast Velocity Minify
  • Cloudways Breeze plugin

But we will take a simple example of WP Rocket plugin to explain to you how you can find similar settings for the other plugins and exclude WP Feedback’s JS and CSS files from their Minification.

You can follow the below-mentioned steps (in WP Rocket) after logging in as an administrator.

1. Select Settings > WP Rocket
2. Select File Optimization
3. Find Section “CSS Files” and field labeled “Excluded CSS Files”
4. Find section “JavaScript Files” and field labeled “Excluded JavaScript Files”
5. Save changes

Please take a look at the screenshot below for more information.

Excluded CSS Files – “/wp-content/plugins/wpfeedback/css/(.*).css”
Excluded JavaScript Files – “/wp-content/plugins/wpfeedback/js/(.*).js”

WP Rocket WPF

If WP Rocket is creating issues then above mentioned steps should definitely resolve your issue related to the working of the plugin.



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